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Learn how to claim airdrops

Get access to over 28 airdrops by staking your $LUNA on the Terra Station.

Stay tuned for countless of dApps offering airdrops.


Terra Bounties

Participate each week in sponsored bounties.

The community bounty program provides a weekly spectrum of written content bounties covering various topics relevant to the Terra ecosystem.


Get rewarded for solving tasks using Flipside's labeled on-chain data. Start with easy questions and learn your way up!

Head over to the #terra channel to explore live bounties

Introduction to Bounty Program

Videos and Podcasts

Learn about the ecosystem by watching tutorials

Part 1

Staking & Earning

Learn How to set-up and stake $LUNA to earn passive rewards on Terra

Part 2

Anchor Protocol

Learn How you can earn a fixed 20% APY using Anchor Protocol

Part 3

Mirror Protocol

Learn How to Claim, Stake and use Mirror Protocol

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Developers At Terra

Are you looking to develop a project on Terra or are you looking to find a team to work with?

Are you looking for a team of developers to get your project going?