Galactic Punks Bounty Three

In partnership with Galactic Punks, we’re pleased to offer the Terra community a new kind of bounty
for the month of October and November!

Prize: Galactic Punk NFT








Bounty Rules

This week bounty topic: StarTerra

-You must make a complete introduction of the protocol similar to Pylon Protocol

-Similar to Pylon Protocol tutorial format, you must make a second part explaining the protocol in-depth and another part on “how to use StarTerra”.

-You must use images to accompany your tutorial

-Participant should publish his tutorial on Medium so he can share it in our form.

-You can be creative and incorporate videos in your guide or link to any resources you judge relevant.

Bounty deadline to submit: Wednesday November 3 by 12:00 EDT

Winning tutorial will be part of the Learn Terra website, and will
help teaching new Terra users.

To submit your submission, please fill this form: